GRDC Research, Development and Extension Plan 2018-23

GRDC Key Investment Target 2.3

  • Grower profitability is maximised through greater market opportunities enabled by targeted strategies to deliver specific protein content or greater value from protein content.
  • Grower knowledge of crop responses to nitrogen availability and use efficiency is improved, so that novel management options can be developed to optimise grain yield and protein outcomes in different environments.
  • Tools and technologies are developed and adapted to support strategic and tactical on-farm agronomic, post-harvest grain handling and grain marketing decisions that deliver reliable and measurable impacts on yield, protein and profit.
Realisation of supply chains

Understanding of existing and new market and supply chain opportunities is improved to inform on-farm system decisions and seasonal production tactics.

  • 2.3.1
    Growers have knowledge of broader market opportunities that consider differences in price related to protein, to better inform crop production and nitrogen management decisions incorporating seasonal risk.
Improved knowledge, tools and technologies

Crop nitrogen demand and supply dynamics are determined and improved tools and technologies to utilise that knowledge are delivered.

  • 2.3.2
    The industry has an improved understanding of the influences of crop nitrogen supply, demand and remobilisation on grain yield and protein, to inform new strategies to optimise grower profitability.
  • 2.3.3
    Growers have access to new, innovative tools and technologies to achieve higher profit from different combinations of yield and protein targets.
Profitable cropping decisions

Growers have access to knowledge and tools to inform whole-of-system decisions impacting wheat yield and protein targets.

  • 2.3.4
    Growers are making strategic decisions that align their farming systems with specific market opportunities.
  • 2.3.5
    Growers have access to tools and knowledge that assist them to make tactical decisions driving seasonal production outcomes that take into consideration yield and protein.
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