GRDC Research, Development and Extension Plan 2018-23

GRDC Key Investment Target 4.3


Grain growers optimise the use of grain storage to maximise operational efficiencies and business profitability.

  • Providing growers with access to knowledge, technologies, tools or equipment to ensure that current and new on-farm grain storage infrastructure, processes and handling systems are fit-for-purpose and maximise on-farm efficiencies.
  • Supporting the development of industry knowledge, tools and skills to enable grain growers to maximise seed viability, and quality as well as capture market opportunities from application of fit-for-purpose grain storage and handling systems.
Effective grain handling and storage systems

Grain growers have access to the knowledge, understanding and tools to develop fit-for-purpose on-farm grain handling and storage systems to meet current and future business needs.

  • 4.3.1
    Grain growers can improve their existing on-farm grain handling and storage systems using current knowledge, tools and technologies.
  • 4.3.2
    Grain growers can create and effectively manage new purpose-designed on-farm grain handling and storage systems based on world-leading best practice knowledge, tools and technologies.
Optimisation of grain handling

Grain growers apply best practice to optimise grain quality and seed viability and have the ability to capitalise on marketing opportunities.

  • 4.3.3
    Grain growers have access to knowledge, tools and technologies to manage and/or improve seed viability, grain quality and the marketability of harvested grain.
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