GRDC Research, Development and Extension Plan 2018-23

GRDC Key Investment Target 5.3


Growers have increased capacity and ability to make profitable business management decisions.

  • Growers’ business management capabilities are improved to enable sound decision-making.
  • Personal effectiveness skills, including resilient leadership, people management, negotiation, communication and change management are increased.
  • Professional skills in financial literacy, compliance and reporting, risk management, strategy, corporate responsibilities and commodity marketing are increased.
  • New business management and business model approaches are explored to enable improved grains industry profitability.
Industry awareness

Understanding of how business management impacts profit is increased.
Growers’ skill and knowledge needs and capacity gaps within the industry of education, training and service providers are identified.

  • 5.3.1
    The GRDC and grains industry key influencers understand the business management capacity and capability requirements of growers in relation to personal effectiveness and professional skills.
  • 5.3.2
    Growers are aware of their businesses’ skill gaps and have access to business management support services.
Industry capabilities

The GRDC partners with growers and the industry of education, training and service providers to increase growers’ personal effectiveness and professional skills.

  • 5.3.3
    Growers have access to personal effectiveness, communication and leadership training to enhance their skills.
  • 5.3.4
    Growers have access to training and other resources to enhance their financial literacy and core professional business management skills.
Innovative business management

The GRDC partners with industry to create knowledge, processes and partnerships to enable growers to identify and apply new business management approaches.

  • 5.3.5
    Grains industry leaders are driving grower profitability through new business management approaches and non-traditional business management skills.
  • 5.3.6
    Grains industry leaders are identifying new business model opportunities.
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