Over the next five years, GRDC plans to invest more than a billion dollars in research, development and extension to deliver significant gains for Australian grain growers.

Believe Big

The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements.

Investing aligned to where the value lies and how we approach and solve problems together will make the difference and ensure our success.


  • To invest in RD&E to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.


  • World-class innovation, creating solutions for Australian grain growers for a better tomorrow.


  • We are committed and passionate about the Australian grains industry.
  • We value creativity and innovation.
  • We build strong relationships and partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.
  • We act ethically and with integrity.
  • We are transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.

This is a plan to propel growers and industry forward through four strategic pillars:

Harness existing potential

Growers hit yield and profit targets, across every paddock, every season.

  • Right crop and cultivar.
  • Biosecurity, weed, pest and disease control.
  • Optimise crop nutrition and improve soils.
  • Systems integration for reliable profit.


Reach new frontiers

Productivity of crops exceeds what we thought possible.

  • Step-changes in water and soil productivity.
  • Unlock plant potential.
  • Transform efficiency of input use.


Grow Markets and capture value

Growers have access to a diversity of markets and get more for the crop.

  • Enduring access to a diversity of markets.
  • Add value to the crop to increase margins.
  • Lower post-farm gate costs.


Thrive for future generations

Australia's grains industry remains a global leader in sustainability, for people, the planet and our long-term ability to farm.

  • Sustainable, responsible production systems.
  • Support communities and social licence.


Australian grain growers seek out and adopt new technology and have an appetite for change. Science and technological innovation are progressing at a rapid pace. The world needs affordable, safe, sustainably produced food, feed, and energy – and lots of it. Whilst change is inevitable and challenges lie ahead, the Australian grains industry is well placed to build on our efficiency, reputation, and location to capitalise on strong global demand opportunities.

This is our time to invest to deliver the next agricultural revolution.

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